Review by Your Need

Are you going through a difficult time? Not sure where to turn? We want to help. Below are some answers to questions you may have about where to turn.

 Q: I’m new to the Eastern Shore, have no friends here yet and don’t know my way around. Can you help me?
 A: Yes! We at Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church (SFPC) have a dynamic community of all ages, stages and walks of life. We know how important it is to connect with others in a community of faith. We would urge you to begin by attending either our 8.30am or 11am Sunday service of Worship. Stay for our Courtyard Conversations offered the second Sunday of the month. Worship on the fourth Sunday of the month and stay for our tasty potluck lunch (you're our guest!). We also have Wednesday Night catered dinners beginning at 5.30pm, and study programs for all ages following dinner. Another way to connect is to participate in one of our Disciples groups, Bible study opportunities, Presbyterian Women's study groups or hands-on mission groups. In addition, we could assign you a Stephen Minister who would be a friend in Christ with you.
 Q: I really never leave my home. I can’t drive and have no one to bring me to church. I feel alone and isolated. Can you help me?
 A: Yes! Our pastors and elders visit in homes when invited. We could assign you a Stephen Minister who would be a friend in Christ with you. Also, our pastors along with our elders are willing to bring communion in people's homes when this is requested.
 Q: I struggle with personal issues dealing with my identity or unhealthy habits or addiction issues. I don’t know who to turn to. What should I do?
 A: Our pastors have been trained to have listening ears and non-judgmental hearts. We suggest you contact one of them. They could help you connect with the most helpful community resources. Also, a Stephen Minister could be assigned to you to be a friend in Christ.
 Q: I am considering suicide. Is there anyone I could talk to?
 A: Yes! Pick up the phone and call the church! Ask for a pastor or any staff person. Any of us will give you the hope to keep going - you matter and we want you to know this.
 Q: So many things have gone wrong lately. I don't even know where to begin...
 A: Our pastors have been trained with listening ears and non-judgmental hearts. They are willing to listen to you and offer them support. We can also assign you a trained Stephen Minister who can be a friend in church with you.
 Q: I have lost a close loved one. I can’t seem to get through the grief.
 A: Please call the church and ask for someone to talk with you about being assigned a Stephen Minister. Our Stephen Ministers have been trained to walk with you through the grief process. They are friends who will meet with you once a week to listen, to care and pray with you.
 Q: I lost my job. The bills are stacking up. I don’t think I can cope much longer.
 A: Our Stephens Ministers are highly trained individuals who are skilled in coming along beside someone who is experiencing a season of crisis. They are friends who are willing to meet with you, care for you and to pray with you. In addition, our pastor has access to some discretionary funds to help people in emergencies.
Q: I was just diagnosed with a disease.  It is treatable but I am feeling so tired and discouraged.  What can I do?
A: Please make us aware of this need so we can add you to our active Prayer Chain right away. In addition, our pastors are always willing to listen to any pastoral concern, offer support, guidance and prayer. We also could assign a Stephen Minister to you to walk along this challenging journey with you.
Q: I would like to pray with someone. How can I do that?
A: Please ask any of our Elders of the Day on Sunday. Also, there are prayer request cards in our pews. Our Prayer Chain, too, is an active ministry available to all in our church. There are many active members who'd be willing to pray with and for you.
Q: Do you have a team that will pray for my healing?
A: Yes. We do call upon Almighty God to bring healing and wholeness in our lives as we have need. Through our Prayer Shawl Ministry, you may receive a shawl knitted with prayers for healing and wholeness by this group of dedicated Christians. You may also request a shawl to give to a person in need of care, warm comfort and prayers. The Prayer Shawl Ministry group meets at 3 pm on the third Sundays of the month in the North Wing and will be glad to teach anybody their skills! Occasionally, we have a special Prayer Service for Healing and Wholeness, which is meditative, simple and quiet in style and in which special prayers for healing are solicited.