Things to Try Some Time

Explore our different approaches to thinking and speaking about our faith from the privacy of your home at times that are convenient to you. Deepen your understanding of a living faith and what it can mean in your life. Or perhaps visit us first and meet the people who make up our church, then read and view a few things which have helped and inspired us. Either way, we welcome your intererest!

Ecumenical Outlook-National Perspective

If you want to move the world, move a congregation. The Alban Institute was founded in 1974 as a major resource for American congregations facing the challenges of a changing society. While today’s challenges are even more pressing than they were three decades ago, the opportunities have never been clearer for congregations to be vital communities of faith, health, and leadership. Alban stands at the forefront of knowledge and experience regarding congregational vitality and positive trends across denominations and faith traditions. Our work is helping shape the strong congregations of tomorrow.

Grow through Reading

Some members of our congregation enjoy Weavings, a quarterly 'Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life', committed to exploring the many ways in which God’s life and our lives are woven together in the world. Each issue of Weavings is organized around a central theme. In this way, the journal offers a forum in which contributors and readers can gather for conversation on important matters of common concern. We believe that such conversations will help us recognize large patterns of meaning, hope, and commitment in the events that clothe our days. Woven throughout the pages of Weavings are several convictions about Christian spiritual life that shape the material of the journal. They are simplicity, authenticity, and inclusiveness. To learn more, you may even be interested to join an online Weavings Reading Group.