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Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church is a welcoming community of faith equipping all persons to joyfully serve Jesus Christ.

Emerging in the early 1960's, Spanish Fort Presbyterian was formed by faithful, forward-thinking, and resourceful Presbyterians from the Eastern Shore and Mobile areas. The church's existence preceded even the town's incorporation, meeting first in a old motel. They tore down some interior walls, crafted a pulpit from an old speaker cabinet, and began worshipping the living God.  Known then as the Faith Presbyterian Fellowship, the group was unapologetically welcoming to all people; which was not without controversy in the 1960s South. Indeed, several Charter members had departed from other churches who were not yet willing to integrate worship.


Soon, and with God's help, land was acquired and ground broken on the buildings which now serve as our Chapel and North Wing. Next, the Fellowship Hall and first nursery area. As growth continued, the South wing was built. Then, in (year), the beautiful sanctuary was completed. In another moment of faithful resourcefulness, stained-glass windows were designed, created, and installed by church members themselves. The most recent additions (year), include the Youth Wing and the Music Wing, which flank the Sanctuary. All of these spaces now serve as the central hub from which we participate in God's mission of love in the world. 

As Presbyterians, we recognize that Christ calls the church into being, and that a church is never defined by its buildings or land, but rather by its people and their willingness to serve the Lord with gladness. From its inception, Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church has been a welcoming community of faith focused on equipping all people to be Christian disciples.

Perhaps God is calling you to help us write the next chapter in the history of Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church.

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