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Creative and developmentally appropriate are the key words to our understanding of preschool curriculum. Children have the world at their fingertips and love to explore and create with a variety of mediums. Through the use of a vast array of activities, our children are encouraged to be themselves and not conform to the rigidness of worksheets and dittos. Recognizing that children grow and mature at their own speed, activities are designed to encourage but not force concepts and skills that are challenging and appropriate for their age.




Include projects that develop imagination, individuality, and aesthetic appreciation. Art is a good release for emotions. It also develops eye-hand coordination as well as large and small muscles. Children are allowed to do his or her own artwork without additions or corrections from the teacher. The use of recyclable items is encouraged and equipment is appropriately sized to fit in small hands with limited small muscle development.


Is included for our three's and four's. Chapel offers a special time of praise and celebration to God. Led by our Pastor, Rev. Ross Reddick, this time focuses on giving thanks to God and celebrating God's never-ending love for all.


Include foods from the basic four food groups and allow the children to measure, stir, sift, and sample menus that are low in salt, sugars, and fats. Children delight in tasting the results of their own handiwork.


Encourage free expression and group interaction through the use of puppets, prop boxes, dress-ups, blocks and musical props. Children are encouraged to "become" their favorite animal, dance like leprechauns and "fly through the air" using streamers and ribbons!


Are connecting points between weekly themes and the world in which we live. Threes and Fours enjoy moving beyond their classrooms into the world of wonder and awe as they see, touch, and experience a variety of environments.


Are simple poems that the children can recite while performing appropriate actions. They are simple and repetitive and strive to reinforce the weekly theme in a concrete way.


Are kept simple and promote a sense of cooperation and fairness. Groupings are kept simple and promote a sense of cooperation and fairness. Groupings are kept small to reduce "waiting time" and taking turns is stressed.


Includes discussions, word games, flannel board stories, suggested books and experiences to increase communication skills. Listening to what children say is an important goal for our teachers. Often "child-directed" poems and booklets are created to further communication skills.


Includes games, activities and materials that help provide a foundation in shapes, sorting, counting, and one-to-one concepts.


Includes simple songs and familiar tunes designed to compliment the weekly themes through rhythm instruments and singing.


Includes games and exercises that increase physical skills and coordination. Large muscle activities and outdoor play are included in daily routines.


Concepts are simple and concrete and seek to provide children with sources of wonder and discovery of the world around them.


On religious as well as secular happenings will be a regular part of this curriculum as children are encouraged to be a part of the celebrations and traditions that surround them both at home and at church.

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