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The Outreach Ministry Team is focused on the work of Jesus Christ out in the world. The scope of this work includes local, national, and international mission efforts, bringing new persons to a living relationship with God, and communicating about who we are as a congregation to the world. 


Throughout the year, we are involved in many different focused efforts. Read about some of those opportunities below.


Pumpkin Patch 2023

The pumpkins are coming! The pumpkins have been reordered from Arizona and are expected to arrive during the last week of September. We will need many hands in order to make this year's fund raiser for our Preschool and Youth Group a continuing success! Check back here for more updates. We look forward to seeing you at the patch!


Libros para niños

SFPC has partnered with a school in Chicoj, Guatemala with the goal of building a classroom library over the course of three years. This will help the children fall in love with reading, and support their academic and emotional growth.

Click here to access an Amazon Wish list of all the titles we are seeking to provide. In July of 2023, we will deliver the books have been collected thus far.


Support local civil servants

Our first responders, police officers, emergency communicators and firefighters bravely serve our community day in and day out. What a joy it is to thank them with some delicious treats. 


Do you have baking skills?  Click here if you'd like to participate in this ministry.

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