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The Outreach Ministry Team is focused on the work of Jesus Christ out in the world. The scope of this work includes local, national, and international mission efforts, bringing new persons to a living relationship with God, and communicating about who we are as a congregation to the world. 


Throughout the year, we are involved in many different focused efforts. Read about some of those opportunities below.


Pumpkin Patch 2020

In Fall of 2020 SFPC did our third annual pumpkin patch. This year, the patch was a fundraiser split between the preschool and the youth group.  The pumpkins arrive from Arizona every year, and volunteers help unload them onto the front lawn. Keep checking back to see when the Pumpkin Patch dates will be in 2021!



Libros para niños

SFPC has partnered with a school in Chicoj, Guatemala with the goal of building a classroom library over the course of three years. This will help the children fall in love with reading, and support their academic and emotional growth.

Click here to access an Amazon Wish list of all the titles we are seeking to provide. In July of 2020, we will deliver the books have been collected thus far.



Support local civil servants

Our first responders, police officers, and firefighters bravely serve our community day in and day out. What a joy it is to thank them with some delicious treats. 


Do you have baking skills?  Click here if you'd like to participate in this ministry. 


Habitat for Humanity

SFPC has partnered with Habitat for many years.  Several homes in Mobile and Baldwin County were fully funded by our Presbytery in years past. 

These days, we send a team of workers to build sites in Baldwin County and provide lunch to the whole crew as well.

Click here to email our Habitat coordinator. 

Community Movie Night SFPC.jpg

Community events

We do several free events throughout the year for our lovely community. A Fall Festival with pumpkin patch fundraiser for youth, community movie nights on the front lawn. We also connect with local organizations to share our buildings, classroom, and meeting space in ways that glorify God. 

Path to Peace Unity March Daphne.jpg

Justice work

Our Pastor has been involved in the creation of a grass roots movement on the Eastern Shore called Path to Peace. This movement of black and white churches facilitates personal friendships across racial boundaries through engaging community events and activities. Read more about Path to Peace here. 



Spanish Fort Presbyterian has been a long-time financial supporter of Prodisee Pantry and Ecumenical Ministries.  We send teams to help process donations and participate in fundraising events that benefit the good work of these helping organizations. Pastor Ross serves as the Chair of the Governance Committee on Prodisee Pantry's Board of Directors. 

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