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“The church gathers to praise God, to hear his word, to pray for and present the world to him in worship, to enjoy fellowship, to receive instruction, strength and comfort from God and one another, to become more faithful as the church in its witness to the world.” (From The Confession of 1967, the Book of Confessions PCUSA)   

The Fellowship Team provides opportunities for members to spend quality time together, with a particular focus on food, fun and congregational care.  Fellowship Team reaches out to members in times of joy, sickness or sorrow.

   Some of the activities of the Fellowship team are: the Easter egg hunt, Advent Breakfast, 4th Sunday dinners,  Helping Hands group, receptions following memorial services, Wednesday night suppers, Book Club, Courtyard Conversations, the church newsletter, church picnic, birthday card and sympathy card ministry, crochet club, meals to those who are ill or recovering and the Flower Guild.

     If you would like to participate in any of these activities, please contact one of the Elders or members of the congregation on the Fellowship Team.

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